How to Increase Maximum File Upload Size in WordPress

Uploading files is important when you need to upload your paid themes and plugins onto your WordPress. Most of the cases your zip files are larger than the default allowed file size set by PHP. Many of admins struggle setting this configuration to allow you to do the job. Here is the solution to fix […]

How to fix “error: package com.reactnativecommunity.viewpager does not exist”?

When upgrading to React-Native 0.60 or above, you may see the error of following: Invariant Violation: requireNativeComponent: “RNCViewPager” was not found in the UIManager. error: package com.reactnativecommunity.viewpager does not exist This error shows that the ViewPager is not found. This is caused by upgraded React-Native requires the community-supported ViewPager library. This error can be solved […]

How to solve “error: package does not exist”?

During the Android bundle building procedure, one of the error is very common in React-Native. Error: Package Android.Support.Annotation Does Not Exist This error says the project building process is missing an essential Google library called Android.Support.Annotation. This is usually caused by project code cleaning or just after cloning the project and fresh installing all libraries. […]

How to generate the 64-bit Android App Bundle in React-Native?

Since August 2019, Google requires developers to deploy 64-bit supported Android app bundle instead of the traditional 32-bit only APK file. This requires an upgrade to the existing React-Native project in order to support 64-bit. For the traditional method for generating APK: cd android ./gradlew assemblyRelease However, as doing this can only generate a 32-bit […]

How to convert an Android app bundle to APKS?

Q: How to convert an Android App bundle to APKS for debugging or adb installation? Android bundle file type, *.aab, is a package that includes multiple optimised APKS for Google Play Store deployment. It compresses files into a smaller size to smoothen the download process from Play Store. For more details, you can navigate to […]

Where should I place the icons for React-Native project?

Q: Where should I place the icons for React-Native project? The path should be Android/app/src/main/res/ . You should see different mipmap-. ic_launcher.png and ic_launcher_round.png should be inside each of these mipmap folders.

Why cannot import any image into Android Asset Studio?

Q: Why cannot import any image into Android Asset Studio? Please try accessing the tool with Incognito Mode. This should help to disable some ads/scripts blocking plugins to allow the web app working properly. Ads/Scripts blocking plugins include Ad-Blocker, Privacy Badger, etc.

How to generate Android App Icon?

When you develop Android Apps, you will require a unique App icon for your Apps. The requirement of the App icon requires a different aspect of the image that fits different size of Android screen. The old method may require some photo processing skills such as using Photoshop or Illustrator. To help out developers in […]